Writing Workshops

Each workshop is designed to allow participants at any level to experience a writing class in a welcoming, encouraging, and productive atmosphere.

Upcoming Workshops

  • Artist Way Weekend Retreat – Rest, Reveal, Renew & wRite: Artist Way by Julia Cameron is a methodology designed to access your creative muse. If you have always wanted to try the Artist Way, struggled to finish the book, or need a refresher course, this retreat is for you. Discover your inner writer–Rest and uncover what is blocking you, Renew your creative spirit, Reveal your imagination, and wRite the words that express your dreams. Each session will highlight the Recovering the Sense chapters in the book. Unlock your potential and rise to the occasion, while safely nestled in Rockvale Writers’ Colony, surrounded by the beauty of creation from February 7-9.
  • Can We Talk? – Dialogue Writing Workshop: Great dialogue moves the story to the next level, breaks up exposition, and reveals character traits; bad dialogue can turn a reader off or even stall out the story. Are you finding it difficult to write dialogue or not sure what your characters want to say? This workshop will get into the heart of the conversation. ($10/per person) This workshop is held at the Brentwood Library on May 17, 2-4

Past Workshops

  • Writing Flow – Mind, Body, & Creative Spirit: This workshop will allow you to access your writing uniquely through yoga, meditation, & classical stretch. It will incorporate the principles from the Artist Way by Julia Cameron. It will be considered a boot camp for those that haven’t done this excellent book and a final wrap-up session for those that have. Yoga, meditation, and stretches will be rewarding for beginners and intermediate practitioners.
  • Goal Writing – Affecting Positive Habits Workshop: Start off 2020 with an End in Mind. Defining your goals can be confusing, either you make them so broad that it feels unattainable, or they are too easy that it doesn’t nudge you out of your comfort zone. Goal Writing is a habit that can produce results that get you to your ultimate dreams, whether writing, a new job, or a healthy you. This workshop will help you refine old techniques and give you tools to help prevent you from sliding back into stagnant habits. Invest in yourself, so you can grow into the best version of you.