Writing Aid Programs

Programs designed to facilitate writing.  I find them helpful for either encouraging me to get the first draft done or get me over those writing slumps. I would appreciate if you used my referral links.

  • Dabble – Writing Software functioning similar to Scrivener, but with a much easier learning curve. The program allows the writer to move: text, chapters, or scenes. There are note and plot outline capabilities, too. My favorite aspect is the fact that it is accessed on-line; I can update my stories anywhere. I also like the idea that it adds another layer of security in case my hard drive failed. There is a monthly fee but that keeps me accountable to using the software.
  • Story Shop – This is the perfect software to help establish a framework and beats for any story. The program offers templates. I utilize the software for my first drafts. It helps keep my focus and allow me to lay out a strong framework.  There is a monthly fee, but the accountability factor, back-up security, and writing university more than make up for the cost.
  • 4theWords – Fight Monsters with your words!  This interactive game has monsters with different word amounts and time levels.  Game mechanics applied to writing creates the needed impetus to get over writing humps.  The quests give the user direction but also a reason to keep writing.  I use the game for all my stories but also my Morning Pages, an Artist Way philosophy.  There is a supportive forum which offers:  encouragement, suggestions, and community support.
    • Referral Code – BXUOP58335
  • Grammarly – Grammar software has a free feature (basic grammar, spelling, and coiciseness), but I opt for the yearly premium subscription.  The added features provide another layer of defense to those pesky editing errors.  As a gold star collector, I love getting scored on my writing.
  • Nanowrimo – National Novel Writing Month – this is a world phenomenon that gets you writing.  There are great writing prizes and deals on writing products.  It is free to join.  The international participated program encourages writers to write a novel (50,000 words) in a month.
  • Camp Nanowrimo – Part of Nanowrimo but separate website.  These events are held in April & July.  I prefer the camps over the traditional Nanowrimo.  The camps allow the participant to make their own goals:  word count, pages, or time.  Participants can still win writing goodies, too.
  • Carbonite – It is a backup program.  I pay the yearly fee.  I have used it three times.  Once for lost files, the other two times when I upgraded to a new computer and needed to transfer files.  Again, it is another way to make sure I don’t lose files.