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Queen’s Autumn Gambit Discussion Questions

  1. Should Carolyn be content with the stipulations of the inheritance (enjoy the money) or feel more conflicted about what she is sacrificing?  How or what do the other characters sacrifice?  Is Luca’s reaction to Carolyn realistic, or should he have accepted her right away in the beginning and shared “the prize”?
  1. There are many references to poetry, especially the use of elevated language, does the novel follow a traditional poetic license of creating an image with words but more is hidden within the stanzas?  There are other elements of poetry, especially the use of the convention of alliteration.  How are rhyme, extended metaphor, onomatopoeia, personification, and imagery utilized?
  1. Characters evolve and change throughout the novel.  What are some examples of characters who begin as one literature archetype but are really another?  (A listing of common archetypes:  Hero, Mother figure, Great Teacher, Innocent, Underdog, Double, Sacrificial Redeemer, Scapegoat, Temptress, Monster, Villain, Trickster, and Evil Figure)
  1. Games play an important role.  Each character is playing a game, but the setting of the scene and key parts of the novel illustrate how they are being “played”.  Cite some examples of pivotal scenes that illustrate when a game is in progress.
  1. Communication and letters are fundamental to the story.  The book is comprised of words, but often the words the characters say have other meanings or are misunderstood.  How does the lack of understanding aid or hinder their development?
  1. There are dual elements throughout the book.  Some characters act one way but feel another.  There are multiple religions represented.  What does each of these faiths bring to the story?
  1. Names have an important role, especially the multiple name of St. Mary.  Mary is a central figure in Catholicism, but she is also a mother.  What is the mother’s role, and how is it demonstrated by the various churches and other characters?  How does the familial role of sister interplay with either the characters or the inanimate objects in the book?
  1. Time is crucial, as the story has multiple year flashbacks.  The present is set in 2011, but even within the present, some characters remember a previous happening during the short time frame of autumn.  How is memory utilized?  Many of the characters want to forget their past, but they can’t erase their memories of it.  How is that helping or hindering them?
  1. Life and death are referred as circles.  The rebirth of the seasons is often given and illustrated with the progression of autumn.  Find places in the novel, where images of circles or other shapes have been used.  How have some characters shaped their lives?
  1. Numbers are cited throughout the book.  What are the major numbers and what do they show symbolically?  How are the numbers used during the climax and resolutions of the book?
  1. The game of chess and its structure are pivotal.  Each chapter heading has a title or reference to chess.  Can you find the answer within each chapter?  What are some of the other characters who are common pieces in the game of chess?
  1. The final question:  Is there ever a good reason to lie, or should you always tell the truth?




Queen's Autumn Gambit Trailer

"Do you want to hear a story?"
Watch the trailer for Kristen Kindoll's upcoming book - Queen's Autumn Gambit, soon to be available in print and e-book.




Queen's Autumn Gambit Preview


Queen's Autumn Gambit is nearly ready, but you can preview this new book now.  Here is Chapter One for your advanced reading.

Chapter One

White Pawn Opening


Carolyn walked through the orange and red leaves scattered across the sidewalk.  The tree lined street was bursting with fall colors.  The oak and maple foliage had shirked the conspicuous green and revealed its hidden vibrancy.  With the burgeoning of autumn leaves upon the road, the street radiated color under the lamp light. 

The other homes, lining the promenade, reflected thoughtful architectural details of long-forgotten wealth.  As the years changed and other neighborhoods became more affluent, this street of Aylesbury had become diminished and neglected.  Weaving through the tightly parked cars, Carolyn crossed the isolated road toward her building.

The old Victorian-era house had been converted into small flats to facilitate as many tenants as possible into one abode.  The edifice held hints of a glorious past, but presently only showed its derelict façade.  Climbing the sagging porch steps, Carolyn opened the stained glass door. 

The entrance hall’s worn linoleum was chipped and broken in places, revealing patches of wood flooring.  The ground floor had one large flat, belonging to Mr. Clements, the manager.  An expansive staircase rose up from the middle of the room. Tucked off to the side and slightly behind the stairs was a modern attempt at a lift.  Carolyn had been told by her neighbor that it had been out of service for years.

Read more: Queen's Autumn Gambit Preview

Queen's Autumn Gambit Cover

The cover for Kristen's new novel, Queen's Autumn Gambit is here!


Queen's Autumn Gambit

Queen's Autumn Gambit is coming together.  This Friday, I get the pleasure of approving my book cover.  I'm looking forward to seeing the concept art.  My designer, Karen Spidare, is the wizard behind the cover.  It was very difficult to decide what direction I wanted to go.  I had many ideas, but wanted something artistic and graphic.  I had hoped to do a painting, but it added another layer.  Time factors in all things.  Next Monday, I hope to post the results.  To read the Queen's Autumn Gambit summary, click on the Latest Book link on the sidebar.



Queen's Autumn Gambit - Summary


Carolyn Ainsworth is drawn into a twisted game of English chess, which places her in a delicate situation.  Does finding out the truth about her family merit destroying all that she has known?  The Queen’s Gambit is a precise chess maneuver that calculates key positions upon the board.  In order to play, Carolyn must accept the terms of the inheritance.  The other beneficiary, Luca Caldwell is maneuvered to participate in this archaic game of alliances.  Their forced partnership begins on opposite sides.  As they progress, they discover mounting secrets about both of their families.  What starts out in conflict, they unite with one common purpose to discover who has been manipulating them.  As the autumn leaves fall from the trees, Carolyn and Luca find themselves embroiled in the mounting lies.  They begin to question if they are the players or merely pieces in a greater scheme.  Will the white side control the board, or will black rule the game?


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