Kindoll Academy

Kindoll Academy Tutoring's Mission Statement: 
We strive for interactive learning.  Lessons are taught so that education is more than one subject, encompassing an array of disciples.  We want to be a partner in your child's educational growth.
Kindoll Academy:
  • Tutorial Classes
  • Private Tutoring
  • Interactive Learning
  • Multiple Subjects Incorporated 
  • Field Trips
Tutoring Sessions are held:
  • Tutoring classes are held at the home of Kristen Kindoll
  • Private tutoring is conducted at the Brentwood Library
Classes Duration:
  • Classes are conducted in two semesters, once a month (hours vary depending on classes.) 
    • Fall:  August - October
    • Spring:  February - April
  • Private Sessions can be determined by the student's needs and frequency.
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