Queen’s Autumn Gambit

Carolyn Ainsworth is drawn into a twisted game of English chess, which places her in a delicate situation.  Does finding out the truth about her family merit destroying all that she has known?  The Queen’s Gambit is a precise chess maneuver that calculates key positions upon the board.  In order to play, Carolyn must accept the terms of the inheritance.  The other beneficiary, Luca Caldwell is maneuvered to participate in this archaic game of alliances.  Their forced partnership begins on opposite sides.  As they progress, they discover mounting secrets about both of their families.  What starts out in conflict, they unite with one common purpose to discover who has been manipulating them.  As the autumn leaves fall from the trees, Carolyn and Luca find themselves embroiled in the mounting lies.  They begin to question if they are the players or merely pieces in a greater scheme.  Will the white side control the board, or will black rule the game?