Deep Fried and Southern Sides

Hot tempers, a splash of high spirits, and good Southern fare are the ingredients for life in Juniper Springs.  Tallulah has summoned her family and friends to help open a southern style restaurant on the town’s Main Street.  A fancy reviewer from New York is about to arrive, and everything must be perfect for her.  But before you can say ‘How do you do?’ the whole venture begins to crumble.

The restaurant might be saved, if Tallulah stopped her meddling, Patty quit her drinking, and Marla ceased her constant whining.  Not to mention, Blue’s incessant need to write down all the stories from everyone’s life, while ignoring her own shambled mess of one.  Not even a well made pie crust can save these four ladies from calamity.  With friends who act like family and a family as unpredictable as Tallulah’s, these women know how to cook up the perfect recipe of love and fun.