About the Author

Kristen Kindoll is a freelance writer. Her work was featured in The Brentwood Home Page and Pockets; she wrote a weekly column for ten years at The Tennessean. Her love of education and learning has provided many topics for her work. Writing Adventurers was created as a travel-experience-learn venture. Workshops are designed for those individuals who want to travel, experience the sights, have purposeful learning sessions, and have downtime for relaxation, writing, or reading. In crafting positive environments for artistic and educational progress, she created Kindoll Academy. For over twenty years, she has taught classes and workshops to students of all ages. 

Favorite Authors –  Kristen Kindoll, Charlotte Bronte, Robin McKinley, Lois Duncan, George Orwell, and Victoria Holt.

Odd Factoid – I can play on the piano “My First Waltz” while lying down on the piano bench.   

Favorite Saying – “Plan for Success so you can be successful.”

Best Food Combination – Grilled cheese, dill pickle, and tomato sandwich.